Design Build Services

We Offer Commercial And Residential Design Build Services

At Haz-Pros, Inc. we offer a complete design/build service. Whether you have very firm ideas of what you require, or just a few design thoughts, we are used to piecing together your dreams into tangible and working designs. We hold numerous meetings with our clients to discuss their needs and wants, so as to establish general design elements.

Once preliminary design is established the project will go to architecture and engineering to ensure stability, durability, strength and beauty. Our homes/additions are designed not only with the current and immediate needs of our clients, but also with their futuristic requirements and expansions in mind. We have long understood that one cannot fight against Mother Nature and as such, ensure that our designs incorporate the latest technologies that are friendly to the environment and save you money.

Hence, we exceed the environmental standards set by the industry and pride ourselves in delivering homes that are technically and aesthetically superior.

Project Management Services

Haz-Pros, Inc. provides complete coordination and supervision of projects from start to finish. Continuous presence at all meetings with the clients and trades, architects, surveyors, inspectors, and suppliers helps us develop a clear picture of the final product the client desires. We are well placed to control and manage projects of all sizes and scopes. Project management services include: construction management, strategy planning, scheduling and logistics planning, and feasibility studies.

Interior Design Services

In conjunction with professional interior designers, decorators, and landscape architects, Haz-Pros, Inc. enhances each project to match your personal style. Creating a serene living environment and an inviting home for owners to retreat to is a passion of ours and as such we provide interior design services in each of our design/build packages.

General Contracting Services

General contracting department of Haz-Pros, Inc. completes such projects as additions, renovations, restorations, complete overhauls, landscaping, pools, patios, etc. Haz-Pros, Inc. can also act as a General Contractor on specific portions of larger scale projects, where affiliated architectural firms act as project coordinators. No matter what the scale of the project, we offer full accountability for all aspects of the construction, thus providing you with a coordinated and well-sequenced job that finishes on time and guarantees the best form of cost control.

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